Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs

One of the biggest issues that currently sweeping college campuses that nobody is talking about is: Bed Bugs. As a previous Resident Assistant I can tell you first hand that this is not something that you want to be dealing with and is an issue that can be easily avoided. With these reasons that is why I am here to help you and ensure that no Bugs crawl into your bed. I have tips ranging from Hot Water all the way to Bed Bug Powder, here to help you in new and creative ways.

Wash ALL sheets and clothes in HOT water

I cannot emphasize this enough, when washing your clothes and sheets please wash ALL articles of clothing. Of course it is annoying to have to wash almost every single item you own but in the end it will pay off. Bed Bugs love to cling onto your sheets and then clothes and if you do not wash an item that contains bed bugs they may jump onto your other articles. After doing laundry once nobody wants to have to deal with washing all of your clothes for a second time. So one of the first steps that I recommend is to wash all of your sheets and clothing in HOT water to ensure that bugs are not left clinging to your any cloth.

Bed Bug Powder

So you have washed everything and Bed Bugs still seem to be an issue? Why not try some Bed Bug Powder; it is safe to humans so there is no worry for any issues. What you will need to do is lay down the powder on your bed, let the Bed Bug Powder settle, and then go to bed! The Bed Bug Powder should dehydrate the Bed Bugs and then after around 24 hours you should see significant improvement of the annoyance that is Bed Bugs, thanks Bed Bug Powder!

Sleep at a Friend’s House or Couch

Following the two steps above I would also recommend that for at least the first or second night to either crash at a friend’s house or sleep on your couch. The main goal in killing bed bugs is to kill the spread of them and wait for them all to die out. Once you have washed all clothing and sheets in hot water and used the Bed Bug Powder, wait it out for a day or two and then finally return to your comfy bed and you will be bed bug bite free!

Hopefully you are reading this article to help a friend or just for some fun research, but nevertheless follow these simple tips to get rid of Bed Bugs and for some easier sleeps ahead!

You Need a Guide to Buy Art


Some people are interested in reading books, and this is the interest in the art of literature. If you’re interested in arts in general, then it’s time you know how to buy your special piece of art, when talking about décor items, like paintings or sculptures.

People usually associate these items with art, but they don’t realize that there is art in everything that surrounds us, from the food we eat to the music we listen to.

Therefore, if you have a certain amount of money that you want to invest, starting an art collection is what you can do best. It’s not as easy as buying clothes, even though that can be also hard sometimes. You’ll have to get something that will offer you visual pleasure daily, as you will put it somewhere you can see it with ease.

Realize What You Want

The most important thing is that you must know what you want, or better said – what kind of art you want. In order to fulfill this request, you must see plenty of art. Go to fairs, galleries, expositions, anything that has an ad for art. Museums, artists or dealers are a great point for starting your journey.

Use the Online Resource

1536331_11076802_pmWhen you’ll search online for art or arts, you will find plenty of results. There are thousands of objects and items considered to belong in the art category, so browse through them. You’ll get an idea if you want a painting, a sculpture, a pedestal, a chandelier, a sofa or anything else for this matter, because at some point or another, all these can be considered ‘art’ depending on several reasons: how they look, who made them, when was the item made and so on.

See For Yourself

If you find something that you like online, it’s time you go see the item for yourself. Seeing the item, it’s a good way to make a better opinion. It’s like talking to somebody on the phone over talking to somebody face to face. There is a lot of difference between a picture and the real item. This way, you’ll get to see the real color, shape and size.


It’s easy to just look at pictures or just walk in galleries and not buy something. When you actually want to buy an item or you decide about starting an art collection, it is better you think about a budget. The secret is that you need to have some extra cash, as there is always the possibility to find different items that you like that cost more than you have initially thought. Don’t go for a small sum of money, unless you just want to buy a copy of a famous paining. Set yourself a medium budget for your possibilities and start from there.

The Price

The price of something that you want – an art item – can be influenced by so many factors. One of them is the market. Depending on where you buy your item from, the price can go low or up. If you are the first owner of the item, the price will be down, but if you buy from another person, then the price will go up.

If the piece is considered rare, then the price can go very high. However, if the item is part of a series, or better said, there are more identical items, then the price will be lower.

If the painting that you want is made on canvas, prepare to pay a higher amount of money. If the medium of work is paper, then the price will be lower too.

Last, but not least, a less known gallery will charge you with a lower price. If you go to famous galleries, be ready to take out a lot of money from your wallet for a low-priced item.