Where To Buy Weed in DC – A Simple Guide

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Where To Buy Weed in DC - A Simple Guide

Since 2014, DC has had recreational weed due to the passing of Initiative 71. It’s a strange bird concerning weed laws in the US and unlike anywhere else in the world. Let me show you the confusion with 4 simple points.

  1. It’s illegal to sell weed in DC in any manner.
  2. It’s illegal to buy weed in any form.
  3. You can possess up to 2 ounces at any time.
  4. You can only be “gifted” up to 1 ounce.

See why I said it’s confusing?

It’s going to be okay; I can explain the basics of how it works from what I learned on vacation there in the summer of 2019. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun during that trip. Now I’m here to share what I learned to help tourists and travelers navigate the DC weed scene.

Here are other key issues you need to know that allow you to get weed without actually buying it, which is illegal.

You will get arrested if caught possessing weed on federal property. This is why I use delivery services. I’m not from there, and the drive was not worth the risk. Did it cost more? Yes, but not as expensive as the bond to get out of Jail. 

You can’t buy weed, and locals can’t sell, so buying weed in DC is impossible. There’s good news though, they have gifting services. The gist of gifting services is that you purchase something from a shop, then the shop gives you some weed.

You ask to buy their products, not weed. If you ask to buy weed, they will think you are a cop. Don’t do it. They will refuse service.

Like I stated in the title, this is a simple guide, not a complete guide, but they exist. Here’s a guide to buying weed in DC by Urban Aroma, one of the local weed directories. They have all of the legal information, details, and a pretty awesome list of merchants you can get weed from. It helped me; maybe it can help you too.

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